William Shakespeare




Director: Zurab Getsadze

Translation : Manana Antadze

Artist : Shota Glurjidze

Music By : Erekle Getsadze

Stage Movement : Kakhaber Khoshtaria

Assistant Director : Sophie Ordjonikidze

Technical Director : Elene Monaselidze


Zurab Kipshidze,  AkakiKhidasheli, Paata Inauri, Giorgi Kipshidze, Temo Natroshvili, Vano Dugladze,Vano Tarkhnishvili, Nanuka Litanishvili, Maia Gelovani, Kato Kalatozishvili,Anri Bibineishvili, Tornike Kasrashvili, Guga Kakhiani, Nika Tserediani,ErekleGetsadze, Tornike Kasrashvili,  Imeda Arabuli,



About the Perfomance:
It has been hundreds of years since Shakespeare first wrote his famous plays,yet they still enthrall both audiences and readers. Shakespeare includedfeelings of passion, true love, vengeance and thirst for power in his plays.These inherently human feelings make Shakespeare's works easily emotionallyaccessible to people in different places all over the world as well as indifferent historical periods, resulting in his plays' timelessness.

King Lear is introduced as a great, proud and tyrannical ruler residing withinthe walls of his castle. King Lear is confident in his authoritative power andhis abilities as a leader. The king is intent on splitting the kingdom betweenhis three daughters according to their love for him. His two eldest daughters,Goneril and Regan, are ambitious and flatter their father excessively, dotingafter him patronizingly. However, King Lear's youngest daughter and hisfavorite, Cordelia, restrains herself from showing affection towards herfather, claiming she doesnt possess the words to accurately express her lovefor her father. Her honesty enrages the king. Deeply insulted, King Leardisinherits Cordelia and banishes her from the castle. He decides to divide hiskingdom equally between the insincere Goneril and Regan instead. Later on, as aresult of certain events, King Lear is stripped of all his power and is leftpenniless and starving, rejected by Goneril and Regan. These developments leadKing Lear to face the consequences of his decisions and come to realize justhow valuable honesty and sincerity truly are.

As this year marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, theTumanishvili Company is celebrating the legacy of the great playwright withthis latest premiere of “KING LEAR” (2016).

Premiered on May 28th, 2016
Duration: 180min with anintermission